Monday, April 4, 2011

Sangguniang Kabataan (SK) and Barangay Elections

“A politician is a fellow who gives you the key to the city after he's taken everything worth having.”
Ang Tanong: Bakit maraming tumatakbo t'wing eleksyon?

Ang Sagot: Simple lang. Para maging parte sila ng isang malaking samahan ng mga kolektor, na kilala sa tawag na GOBYERNO.

All Systems 'Green'. It's election time again on the local scene. Happy days are here again. Or is it? But wait, allow me to tell a story which I got from a piece entitled Election Merry-Go-Round. One. Two. three. Shoot. 

It is told that a couple tried to find out what their son wanted to be when he grew up. They placed a fresh 20-peso bill on the table to represent the banker, then placed a Bible to represent a clergyman, and a bottle of whiskey to represent a bum. Then the parents hid themselves.
Soon, Johnny, their son, came in whistling, saw the arrangement on the table, picked up the bill, peered through it against the light, replaced it, took up the Bible, flipped its pages, then uncorked the bottle and smelt the contents. He then looked around and seeing no one, he picked up the bill, stuffed it into his pocket, took the Bible and lodged it under his arm, then grabbed the bottle by the neck and slid out of the room quickly, still whistling.

"My goodness, Mama!" cried the father, "He's going to be a politician!"
Today, we have so many of these creatures. Lucky for us - more often than not, there are usually two candidates vying for the same position for us to choose from - and mercifully, we have to elect only one of them.*wew

But beware! According to the same piece, politicians readily learn from experience. Here are some principles they never fail to observe:
→In traffic, when in doubt, Stop!
→In war, when in doubt, Shoot!
→In politics, when in doubt, Terrorize!
→Of course, when defeat is certain - CHEAT!
Okay-Okay let us not give this stereotypical image to all politicians there but - yes! animals with these such off-putting principles do exists.

But Wait! There's more! Sangguniang Kabataan *SK (Sangguniang Kalokohan?). Ah! Ang SK, naaalala natin sila sa mga liga na pinapasinayaan nila twing summer para sa mga kabataan. Kilala rin natin sila sa mga padisco pagkatapos ng mga programs. At minsan, nagpapaskil sila ng mga signboards o paalala na mas malaki pa ang katagang Sangguniang Kabataan kesa sa nilalaman, which is, ayos naman kung gusto mo talagang malaman kung sino nagpost nun, at hindi mo mawari kung ung mga posts na iyon ba eh nagpapaalala o nagpapatawa. 

Here's what a blogger has to say about SK:
Listen, SK does not work. Not in my lifetime. If once upon a time it did, it doesn't anymore. Kids nowadays are so busy with pretty much everything else that they cant even be bothered to check the news that doesn't involve the cancellation of classes. The only ones who are interested in SK are those who are already looking into running for mayor even at an early age, like say five, presumably because our local government positions are now run like family businesses. Source: Public Static

How we wish that this elections will not only be free, honest and clean, but also that the electorate would march to the polls with an enlightened heart and mind.
As it has been said, wisdom descends from experience. Let us all vote wisely. Here's hoping the best man wins (or woman, in any case).

Overall. In our placethe local election process is peaceful, most especially in our Barangay. Thank God. I think hope is in the air. I can smell it, I can feel it; or at least that's what the positive side of my mind is telling me.

Credits to Mr. Rowie Tokie

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